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Ariston Trades Warning

Investing Inherently Involves Risks, Do So At Your Own Risk. Aristontrades Risk Warning Illustrates Potential Risks That You May Face While Using Aristontrades.Com And All Of Its Associated Services, And Aims To Help You Evaluate And Determine Your Own Capabilities. Please Make Sure That You Carefully Read And Fully Understand The Terms, Articles And/Or Conditions Of This Aristontrades Risk Warning.

By Continuing To Use Aristontrades.Com You Hereby Acknowledge That You Have Accepted The Risks Disclosed Under This Aristontrades Risk Warning.
Aristontrades Reserves The Right To Modify Any Of The Terms Of This Aristontrades Risk Warning Without Prior Notice. If Any Of The Terms Hereunder Are Unacceptable To You, You Should Not Use Aristontrades.Com.

Cryptocurrency Trading Is High-Risk And Speculative, It Is Important That You Understand The Risks Before You Start Trading.
The Risks Of Investing With Aristontrades.Com Include, But Are Not Limited To, The Following:

1. Price Risks:

Prices Can And Do Fluctuate On Any Given Day. This Is Especially True For Cryptocurrency Trading – Unexpected Changes In Market Sentiment Can Lead To Sharp And Sudden Movement In Price. It Is Not Uncommon For The Value Of Cryptocurrencies To Quickly Drop By Hundreds, If Not Thousands Of Dollars.

2. Regulatory Risks:

Cryptocurrency Transactions May Face Policy Regulatory Risks In Certain Jurisdictions And May Be Suspended Or Prohibited At Any Time. Therefore, We Advise You Make A Careful Judgment Before Trading And Take The Time To Understand The Policy Regulations Of Your Trading Region And Evaluate The Economic Risk Of Losing The Entire Investment.

3. Risks Of Change Or Termination Of Service:

Please Note That Ariston Is In The Process Of Undertaking A Legal And Regulatory Analysis Of Bitcoin Trading With Margin. Following The Conclusion Of This Analysis, Ariston May Decide To Amend The Intended Functionality In Order To Ensure Compliance With Any Legal Or Regulatory Requirements To Which AristonTrades Is Subject. We Shall Publish A Notice On Our Website Of Any Changes Or Modifications To The Functionality And It Is Your Responsibility To Regularly Check Our Website For Any Such Notices. On The Conclusion Of This Analysis, We Will Decide Whether Or Not To Change The Functionality Of The Website.

4. Risks Of Cryptocurrency Contract Trading:

Risks Of Cryptocurrency Derivative Contract Trading: Trading Derivative Contracts Poses Additional Risks Not Found With Traditional Currencies. Cryptocurrencies Are Associated With Substantial Price Movements, Higher Market Volatility, And More Charges Or Fees. These Factors Can Lead To Increased Gapping Or Slippage Costs.

5. Account Suspension & Closure;
We May, In Our Sole And Absolute Discretion, Without Liability To You Or Any Third Party, Refuse To Let You Open An Account, Suspend Your Account, Consolidate Accounts If You Have More Than One Or Terminate Your Account Or Your Use Of One Or More Of The Services. Such Actions May Be Taken As A Result Of A Number Of Factors, Including Without Limitations Accounts Inactivity, Failure To Respond To Customer Support Requests, Failure To Positively Identify You, A Court Order Or Your Violation Of These Terms (Including Without Limitations Sections 21).
The Above Is A Non-Exhaustive List. Taking All Of The Above Into Consideration, Prior To Using Aristontrades.Com For Cryptocurrency Trading, You Promise That You:
1. Are Of An Age Of Majority (At Least 18 Years Of Age), Meet All Eligibility And Residency Requirements, Are Fully Able And Legally Competent To Use Aristontrades.Com And Thus Enter Into An Agreement With Aristontrades Ensuring That In Doing So You Will Not Violate Any Other Agreement To Which You Are A Party;
2. Have The Necessary And Relevant Experience And Knowledge To Deal With And Manage Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain-Based Systems, With A Full Understanding Of Their Frameworks And Are Aware Of All The Merits, Risks And Any Restrictions Associated With Cryptocurrencies And Blockchain-Based Systems, Being Solely Responsible For Any Evaluations Based On Such Knowledge;
3. Are Not A Foreign Or Domestic Politically Exposed Person (Pep);
4. Will Not Be Using AristonTrades.Com For Any Illegal Activity, Including But Not Limited To, Money Laundering And The Financing Of Terrorism.